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Mary Frances Lewis married Green Berry Landrum in 1906.  The couple had three children, Mary Frances, Elsie Katherine and GB.  Elsie Katherine died from a fall from the family carriage.  Green Berry died in 19??.  Family lore was that he suffered a diabetic coma, but local newspaper accounts vary.

Mary married Charles Thomas Walters in 1913.  Frances described the accasion as “when WE got married.  The Landrum/Walters family union was seamless from the very beginning.  Mary and Charles had four additional daughters, Martha Josaphine, Eleanor Lewis, Grace Virginia and Charla Doris.  Grace Virginia died from complications from measles and mumps.

This section of the web site has a page dedicated to families of each of the five children–Frances, GB, Martha Jo, Eleanor and Charla.  Visit each family’s page to see how the Miss Mary and Mr. Charlie’s family has grown and prospered over the next four generations.

Mary Frances Lewis

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